• diamond hand polishing pads
  • diamond flap discs
  • diamond sanding belt

Applied Industries

  • Stone &

    Stone &


  • Glass


  • Ceramic


  • Superhard



  • Composites


  • Textile


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-> 20+ Years of Experience on Diamond Tools Manufacture;


-> 63 of Domestic and International Patents;


-> 5 Industry Standard Drafting Unit;


-> 100+ Exhibitions all over the world;


-> 20+ OEM Projects from Industry Leaders.

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    Can you use 3000 grit sandpaper on glass?

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    What is granite chamfering?

    Granite chamfering is a fundamental process in the fabrication and finishing of granite surfaces, helping to enhance safety and aesthetics. This article aims to explore the principles and methods of granite chamfering...
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    What are the different edge treatments fo...

    In the stone processing industry, edge grinding, diagonal, and chamfering of stone slabs are essential processes, which have a great impact on the appearance, durability, and practicality of the stone. These treatment...
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