• diamond hand polishing pads
  • diamond flap discs
  • diamond sanding belt

Applied Industries

  • Stone &

    Stone &


  • Glass


  • Ceramic


  • Superhard



  • Composites


  • Textile


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-> 20+ Years of Experience on Diamond Tools Manufacture;


-> 63 of Domestic and International Patents;


-> 5 Industry Standard Drafting Unit;


-> 100+ Exhibitions all over the world;


-> 20+ OEM Projects from Industry Leaders.

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  • ​How to repair scratches on tempered glass?

    ​How to repair scratches on tempered glass?

    Because of the characteristics of glass, glass is always prone to scratches caused by some accidental bumps and scratches, which not only affects the beauty of the glass but also affects the value of the glass in use....
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  • Coarse grinding procedures in stone polishing

    Coarse grinding procedures in stone polis...

    Seeing the scarred marble floor, the first reaction of many people is that the texture of the stone is so strong, how can it be easily intermittent? In fact, the stone was not as strong as expected. If the stone is no...
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  • How to polishing glass

    How to polishing glass

    In modern society, people need to use a lot of glass products in their daily lives, and it is completely impossible to get rid of glass. Glass is stable, resistant to strong acids and alkalis, and is hard and durable....
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