• diamond hand polishing pads
  • diamond flap discs
  • diamond sanding belt

Applied Industries

  • Stone &

    Stone &


  • Glass


  • Ceramic


  • Superhard



  • Composites


  • Textile


Why Choose Us

-> 20+ Years of Experience on Diamond Tools Manufacture;


-> 63 of Domestic and International Patents;


-> 5 Industry Standard Drafting Unit;


-> 100+ Exhibitions all over the world;


-> 20+ OEM Projects from Industry Leaders.

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  • Application method of stone wet polishing pads

    Application method of stone wet polishing...

    Mild renovation of marble: if the stone surface is slightly scratched, a mild renovation process can be used for renovation. If there is old wax on the ground, wax it first, and then polish it with 800 # diamond sandi...
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  • Detailed introduction and application of diamond flap disc

    Detailed introduction and application of ...

    The powerful elastic grinding disc known by our insiders, also known as the diamond flap disc, flat abrasive cloth wheel, etc., is a wheel shaped coated abrasive tool made of high-grade abrasive cloth as the base mate...
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  • Where are diamonds used

    Where are diamonds used

    Is a diamond a diamond? A diamond is a diamond, the rough stone of diamond, a mineral made of carbon. A diamond is a round cut and polished diamond. Essentially, they are the same substance, just like the relationship...
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